Repeated requests for activation when ioff-line

johnfalc posted this 14 July 2017

I purchased the software, loaded it, and activated it with no difficulty.

I then proceeded to my lakeside cottage where there's no Internet connectivity. When I started the application again I was asked for my Activation Key - of course with no Internet connection I was stuck.

Subsequently I reconnected to the Internet and re-entered the Activation key (I only have the one key, never used the free trial or personal edition).

Now the request for activation has occurred again, when I'm off-line.

Is this normal behavior and, if so, why? BTW - enjoying the SW very much, otherwise.

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 15 July 2017

We are know about the issue with repeating activations. This interaction should be significantly improved in a next update.

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johnfalc posted this 17 July 2017

Please do fix this as it makes the tool useless if the Internet is not connected.

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 14 January 2021

The issue was fixed in recent release of software.

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