how to upload images from library in the correct order posted this 10 April 2015

I photograph a building built in front of me. Everyday one Photo and stores the images in a library in my computer. I can not upload the images to the software in the same order that i photographed them

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 11 April 2015

This is explained at import help page

Images in each folder are ordered by filename before applying other splitting criteria. But ordering also takes image "index" into account. Index refers to the digits at the end of the image filename. This effectively sorts the images Windows imports from the camera into a folder. E.g. images are sorted in numerical order, (e.g. image001.jpg, image002.jpg, ... image999.jpg, image1000.jpg, etc.)

In some cases you may need to use "Time Splitting" slider to split images within same folder correctly.

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 14 January 2021

The software uses default Explorer sorting in recent release.

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