Version 2.0 of Time-Lapse Tool released

Time-Lapse Tool posted this 26 March 2014

We are pleased to announce a major release upgrade of the Time-Lapse Tool application! It is mainly a performance optimization release. We reworked HDD interactions significantly as well as video generation logic. Version 2 of the application generates video 2-5 times faster compared to version 1 depending on export and project settings.

Video generation supports 64 bits mode now. In such mode, the program allows exporting 4k resolution video. Publishing to YouTube also produces all supported resolutions.

The program can use Apple and WMA audio formats to add to the generated video file. You do not need to convert music from iTunes anymore.

New effects added: mirror and vignette.

We decided to make this version a free upgrade to all existing users.

Feel free to provide any suggestions or report bugs for this version.

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Order By: Standard | Newest | Votes posted this 18 May 2014

pressed upgrade and it replaced the whole application, now it tells me i need code to register and activate, so its replaced every thing and not a free upgrade, can this be fixed? its a good app and worth buying but im not paying twice

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 19 May 2014

Chris, you may use your activation code from version 1, version 2 accepts it.

New release does not need administrator rights to install. Thus there is no smooth way to uninstall previous version and reuse existing activation code.

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thank you for the response, thought i lost it,found old code and works a treat, many thanks, now i can take some more pics, cheers

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hello, I lost my activation code from the version 1, how it is possible to get my old code back ?

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 15 June 2014

activation code has been resent to you

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