"Unbenannt 1" title in video clip when exporting

belka posted this 19 August 2022

Hello, my timelapse tool software version: home 2.4 current state.

I've created pretty many video clips over the time but I don't overcome a specific problem. I wish to export my video clip without a title but whether with an empty title or not defining a title for the video clip when exporting the clip I get inserted a title "Unbenannt 1" into my video?! What is that?


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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 20 August 2022


I'm not sure, I understand your issue correctly. You can switch off Title effect anytime. This effect uses project name as default text initially, but you can adjust it to any text after that.

You could edit project name in project settings screen. The name is also used in exported file properties. But you can define an empty name for the project.

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