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issac59 posted this 16 July 2021

Time-Lapse Tool - Version 2.4.6666
Hi there,
The transparent background setting for title text is not working. Selecting a transparent background during editing looks okay, but when a trial run of the video or a full export is created, the background reverts to white. Foreground font style and colour selections are okay and selecting a solid colour for the background is also okay. It's just the transparent selection that is not working. This appears to be a bug.
Has anybody else experienced this issue?

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 19 July 2021


The dev team confirmed the bug with transparent background. They are working on the fix.

Last edited 19 July 2021

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issac59 posted this 19 July 2021

Hi there,
Thanks for following up and responding to keep users informed.

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 26 July 2021

The fix will be available in next build.

Unfortunately, previously saved projects do not include transparency information, so you need to change colors manually.

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issac59 posted this 27 July 2021

Changing the colours manually achieves nothing (and where do you get to change them automatically anyway?).
The issue is that setting transparency as the background for the title text is ignored and reverts to white.
Any idea when the next build will be release?

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 27 July 2021

The new version with fix is not able to load transparency automatically for an existing project. This is referred by "manually" term.

Update should be available. You can use Check Update Now button in program settings dialog.

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issac59 posted this 28 July 2021

Hi there,
Thanks for clarifying your meaning of automatic.
I confirm the update has resolved the issue with transparent title text.
The setting is now persistent via manual and automatic configuration (restored from a saved project).
Thanks for your rapid response and support.

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