Timelapse tool doesn't start.

callumwigg@hotmail.com posted this 26 May 2014

(Pictures below) When ever i open Timelapse Tool it just freezes. i have re-installed it multiple times and it has only opened once, but i tried later that day and it wouldn't open. i have tried closing all windows and apps but it still won't open. Also, once i checked in Task Manager and it says that the apps CPU and drive usage suddenly start to drop, and then rest at 0%. i have a Lenovo Laptop PC running Windows 8.1 and it has a Intel(R) HD 4400 Graphics Card and a Intel(R) Core i3-4010U CPU @ 1.70GHz. Please help! Thanks in advance! What it looks like when opened This is what it looks like in Task Manager

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 27 May 2014

Thank you for your feedback! But we are unable to reproduce the issue. We sent you email with explanation how to solve the issue, please check.

Best Regards,

Time-Lapse Tool Team

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