Time Stamp on Time Lapse Pictures

Edwin posted this 20 October 2021

Hello, I'm creating videos from the GoPro Cameras from my company and I take thousands of picture from Industrial Shutdowns.

In the last year I have been using TimeLapsetool to stamp the pictures and convert them into videos and I did not have issues. But last week I got the new version and it is not doing the same.

But now when I'm creating the videos, Timelapse tool is taking the Accessed information from the picture and not the time when was modified (which is the original time when the picture was taken).

How can I solve this issue?

Edwin Gutierrez

Last edited 09 November 2021

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 20 October 2021

Hello Edwin,

Most probably this happened because capture time is missed in a file. We need more details regarding this issue. Contacted you directly.

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