Support for FITS file format

Wolfie6020 posted this 27 September 2021


I am using your software regularly at it works great. Most of it is for astronomy showing time-lapse of the stars and satellites over many hours.

I take the original images as jpg so the frame info works well as a time stamp.

Many astronomers use the FITS format. However when converting these to PNG or JPG the file creation date is lost at the frame inform time stamp is incorrect.

If you could consider adding support for FITS files that would be great.



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Wolfie6020 posted this 27 September 2021

As an example. Here are two videos.

The first is using my own original jpg images. The time stamp is accurate.

The next video is made from files sent to me by a professional astronomer - they were in FITS format but when I converted them to use in Timelapsetool the frame info gives a timestamp of the conversion and we lose the original time from the FITS image.

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 27 September 2021

Thank you, Rob. I forwarded this feature request to the dev team.

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