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Darillian posted this 30 November 2015

Today I tried to add a time stamp to my time lapse project and I realized that somehow it is shifted one hour too early. I've found the corresponding entry in the Help database (, but I could use some details on what exactly to change in my Windows 10 settings.

Details: The project happened last Friday and started at 19:00 in a UTC+1 timezone. The time stamps on the time lapse data are correct, but the Tool somehow shifts them all to 18:XX (ignoring the timezone setting?)

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 02 December 2015


We are investigating the issue. There is no solution or fix ready yet.

Best regards,

Time-Lapse Tool team

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Darillian posted this 02 December 2015

Great, thanks for the answer! In the meantime, I guess I'll just shift the time stamps by one hour to counteract the bug.

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