Sharpness add & some upgrade ideas

Alex Wong posted this 29 October 2016

Hi it's a great and fast software. Some ideas hope can have it a coming future.

  • Sharpness add and control
  • Light & fade in or out can set timing control
  • Camera Transition can set the start and end point for the move

Thank you so much.

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Alex Wong posted this 29 October 2016

Also for video output can add use for original ratio, no need to do the change.

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 01 November 2016

Hi Alex,

Thank you for suggestions!

We are working on fade and camera transition effects now. Perhpas we will add Sharpness effect to our feature list as well.

Adding custom output sizes is actually needed in very rare cases, you will play videos on monitors with predefined set of resolutions in 99% of cases. It also makes UI more complex and increase overall software complexity. Thus we decided to use fixed list of resolutions.

Best regads,

Time-Lapse Tool team

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 14 January 2021

Sharpen effect and free camera transition was added in recent release of software.

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