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cdukus posted this 27 March 2021

I have almost completely automated my daily capture process, but I have one last hurdle. I see there is scripting available for Export functions, but is it possible to have such functionality for Publish options as well?

Would be interested in the following:

  • Would like to auto publish to YouTube via script.
  • Would like to set a basic auto-naming for uploads such as date: 03.27.2021

Any help with this would be very greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work!!

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 27 March 2021

Publish to Youtube using command line is possible:

--output - path to an output file. If --export is set to youtube then output value means a video name not a file system path.

Adding a date to a name is possible in the caller script, but this is not trivial. But this is a good point to enhance, thank you.

Please note that you need to publish at least once to login into your YouTube account.

Another option

--refresh commands the software to reimport images from the folder for each sequence in the project.

That way you can use the same project file for publishing but just add new image files into a folder this project refers to.

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