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colin posted this 23 October 2016

Hi I would consider buying the Pro version of this software if it could do RAW files, so far it is the best software I have seen.



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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 23 October 2016

Hi Colin,

Reading a RAW files is in our future list. But processing RAW files is a complex task because of file sizes. Such feature requires lot of internal software rework thus is not even scheduled.

Best regards,

Time-Lapse Tool team

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Arnie posted this 30 March 2017

Hi, we use your really good software for compiling thousends of images from a highspeed camera to videos. This camera exports the individual frames as DNGs. So wouldn't it be a first step to implement a DNG import functionality as DNG is somehow a kind of RAW standard? It would really help us speed up our workflow.

Thanks Arnold

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 31 March 2017

Hi Arnold,

Thank you, this sounds good. Perhaps we will implement it as intermediate step to RAW support as your suggested.

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