Program quits if it encounters a corrupt image...

wrybread posted this 01 February 2019

I'm building a movie from a directory of about 100,000 images, and a few (maybe 100 total) are corrupt. No big deal, there's obviously plenty of images to work with.

However when Timelapse Tool hits one of these images it throws an error and then, bizarrely, stops making the video. I can't imagine why this is preferrable to continuing without the corrupt image. As it is I can't use this program to make Timelapses since it takes too long to find those images.

Also, if I delete one of those corrupted images and then try to export my movie again, it says that image doesn't exist and won't continue. That means I need to start the project from scratch.

Anyway, just offering some feedback. Nice program otherwise.

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 01 February 2019

Thank you for the feedback! We definitely need to handle such cases properly.

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