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How many would like to see a fade in / fade to black transition feature?
Lizardbytes posted this 08 November 2015

I would seriously consider buying the Pro version of this software if it featured more transitions, notably a fade in from black and a fade to black, as well as transitional effects from going from one scene to another. Any development plans for this in the near future? In the meantime, I am enjoying the free version but then have to bring the final product to another video editing app for those effects to happen. Eliminating that step would cut down on production time and bring you another customer.

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 08 November 2015


I'm not sure about fade to black transition request. Such transition is implemented already (however it may be affected by the bug

We are working to extend list of supported transition. However there is no explicit release date for these changes. Thank you for feedback anyway!


Time-Lapse Tool team

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Faarue posted this 03 November 2016


is it possible to add transitions effects like cross-fading between each picture ? Thanks

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 03 November 2016


You can import an image as single sequence and set its view duration. Then you can apply transitions to such imported sequence. Hope this helps!

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