Jerky timelapse. What did I do wrong?

Hov1s posted this 09 February 2016

Hi, I'm building an extension on the back of my house and thought it might make a cool timelapse video. I have set up a trailcam in a fixed location to record progress, and am regularly emptying the memory card to a file on my pc. So far I have 12,500 images all numbered sequentially.

What have I done wrong? I'm imagining it's a file numbering issue, but I have no idea what but when I form a timelapse from the folder, it plays great, - but it's not in order! It seems to show a few files from the middle (all in order), and then one from the beginning, then a few more from where it left off in the middle, and then the next one from the beginning, repeating this pattern the whole way through. How can I stop this to make my film speed up time rather than jump backwards and forwards in time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 09 February 2016


Right now software orders frames by their filenames but takes possible number suffixes into account. Perhaps filenames have some numeric limitations, e.g. 000-999, then repeats same numbers. As workaround you could group files in few folders than import each folder as sequence to the project.

Hope this helps!


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