Import several catalogues or series at a time?

janti posted this 18 February 2016

I was planning to use this program to import ca. 4000 pictures that I have placed in ca. 200 catalogues, but it seems that I can import only one catalogue (series) at a time. Is this so? Not possible to make a disc with e.g. 4000 separate pictures e.g. sorted by date?

Have I perhaps chosen the wrong program for my project?

Any help appreciated!


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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 18 February 2016

Hello Jan,

You can import multiple sequences in time.

1) Click import and navigate to top folder with your catalogues

2) Check the Sub Folders button. This shows and groups images in sub-folders

3) You can also select multiple sets using Ctrl+click to select a series of sets then import all of them at once into your project. Each selected set is added to the project as separate sequence.

4) You can click any series then press Ctrl+A on keyboard to select all series at once

Software does not handle images in subfolders as single sequence. You need to copy all pictures to single folder first.

Hope this helps!

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janti posted this 29 February 2016

Sorry, it didn't help. :(

You say I can also select multiple sets using Ctrl+click, but that doesn't work. I cannot select several sets (folders?) at the time. That's my main problem here.

Best regards


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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 29 February 2016

You need to select sequences, not a folders. Found sequences are added to middle section of import view. This should look like selection on screenshot below. Please not that "sub folder" button is checked

enter image description here

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janti posted this 09 March 2016

Thank you!

Ok, then I understand that we're talking about the same thing (I believe). Whether you call it sequences or something else, it seems that it's not possible to import more than one sequence at a time. I have hundreds of sequences but not the time needed.

Have I understood it correctly? :)


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