I like it prima-facie, but how is it different from Windows Movie-maker?

panleo posted this 04 November 2013

I've used Windows Movie-maker in the past, which is free to use. I see that this tool looks similar and I like the interface. However, I don't understand what different this tool provides from a free tool (Windows Movie-maker). If you can help me understand in detail - and the justification - I would buy it in a snap.

QQ: Does this tool allow adding different wait time on a particular picture(s)? For instance, if I want the rest of the video to play with x FPS, but want a couple of transitions to happen at 2x FPS?


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TimeLapseTool posted this 05 November 2013

Short answer. As a dedicated program, Time-Lapse Tool performs better and faster. Time-Lapse tool makes up for its cost in terms of the time it saves you in creating your time-lapse video projects.

Long answer. We decided to create the application because, although Windows Movie-Maker had similar tools, it did not support time-lapse video creation well for more demanding projects. WMM’s tools work, more or less, to create short time-lapse videos from a small number of images, but the program stalls at the image loading stage if you try to make a more extended project with thousands of images. Combining two image sequences with different fps rates is also is not supported by WMM (although it is possible with some non-obvious workarounds, which cause losses to the original image quality). Using our software, you can set up a video project of this kind in literally a few mouse clicks and start exporting the final time-lapse video almost immediately. As additional bonus, we added a few cool effects like Tilt Focus and vignette.

QQA: Yes, it does. Every image sequence uses own fps value. You may just split existing sequence into multiple and adjust fps for each part.

Best regards,

Time-Lapse Tool team

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