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zhou posted this 17 February 2017

What will determine the smooth running of the clip? No one probably would set a fps at 60 but one takes pictures at very different intervals as well as exposure length depending on the scenes. Will 24 or 30 fps render the final compilation smooth?

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TimeLapseTool posted this 17 February 2017

The fps setting in UI affect input rate for frames. fps of exported video is fixed to 24 or 30 fps depending of output format. The software drops unnecessary frames automatically during export. Or it may repeat frames if fps is below exported video fps.

Even 60 fps may not be enough, we recently received feedbacks about it. One may calculate interval incorrectly and make camera shots too often. Now you have choice to drop every 2nd frame manually or set fps to 60 and software drops it for you.

If input fps is above 30 then an exported video is more or less smooth, For low fps software does not make any interpolations for intermediate frames thus it may not look smooth enough.

If your SSD and CPU are fast enough then the preview would work very well to quickly evaluate how fps setting works.

Hope this helps!

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Magnus posted this 08 June 2017

Is there any way of changing the import, Time splitting % after the import?

I have a high amount of pictures (one/minute) and when I have imported 100 days and whant to make a movie it becomes to long even at 60FPS.

Or do I need to start over and import all 100 days again with a diffrent time split %?

Please... I hope not ;-)

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TimeLapseTool posted this 10 June 2017

Current limitation is 60 fps and cannot be configured. We are working on update that supports higher rate but it will be ready for production in next few weeks.

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