fps is always 30fps

Florida posted this 04 February 2014

In the propertys of the exported videos (avi), the fps always reads 30fps. I guess that's a bug?

Best regards, Robert

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TimeLapseTool posted this 04 February 2014

No, this is expected. This is property of video. Program calculates necessary frames to get 30 fps in exported video file based on your settings.

Best regards,

Time-Lapse Tool Team

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Florida posted this 06 February 2014

Thanks for your reply.

However, I might miss something, If I set the fps slider to, lets say 25fps, why does the property of the exported video read 30 fps? I have tried the same in "images to video", but there it states 25fps.

Thanks for clarifying!

Best regards, Robert

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TimeLapseTool posted this 28 February 2014

Video files have predefined fps rate based on video output format (30 fps in most cases). Program render video to this FPS based on your settings selection. In case of single sequence in the time-lapse project we could generate video with the same FPS. But program allows to mix different sequences of images into single video file. These sequences may have different fps as well and extrapolate to 30 fps in final video. How this explains issue better

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acem77 posted this 19 January 2016

what if any video export options support 60 fps? if none it looks like I will need to use 30 fps and then another program to convert that to 60 fps to keep my video short and not lose half of my shots.

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TimeLapseTool posted this 19 January 2016

Not sure what you are trying to achieve. Could you explain in details please?

There is no sense to have more than 30 fps in the video file, human eye does not recognize the difference. Even 24 fps is acceptable rate in most cases.

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