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mho-observatory posted this 03 July 2017

Is there a way to set how long each frame, imported image, will show in the video besides changing the fps setting? For example I have 198 images and want each image to be set to 0.150 seconds at 30 fps. Other video software I have can do this and it just will make the video larger.

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TimeLapseTool posted this 03 July 2017

It is not possible to set exact duration for each frame. You can adjust fps slider to somewhat between 6 and 7 fps to set such duration.

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edubook posted this 07 November 2017

You can either have an image displayed for 0.150 seconds (this results in 1 / 0.150 = 6.666 images per second) or you can have the images displayed at a speed of 30 fps [frames per second] (this results in each image being displayed for 1 / 30 = 0.0333 seconds).

You cannot have both. This would be like saying that you want to make 90 miles within one hour by cruising 60 miles/hour ;-)

Click the "Sequence Duration" above the timeline. This will bring up a small window where you can do some settings for the sequence. See

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