Recalling the Tutorial

verysquishy posted this 04 June 2019

This is an excellent piece of software and I really appreciate it.

I am using it with a small class of kids/parents in a few weeks. I installed it on some computers this morning. In order to get the software to close after installation, I had to watch or cancel the tutorial. After having done so, I could not get the tutorial to re-open. The tutorial is a great introduction to the software and I would love my students to be able to use it.

Can the tutorial be re-opened after the first use?


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verysquishy posted this 04 June 2019

Perfect! Thank you very much!

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TimeLapseTool posted this 04 June 2019

Click About command in the caption bar. Then you will see the Tutorial button at the bottom of about dialog. Time-Lapse Tool about dialog

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