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mirax posted this 11 October 2013

Another suggestion : to allow us to adjust the preview quality. On my screen, the preview quality is poor, and I can't judge correctly the different effects.

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TimeLapseTool posted this 11 October 2013

Improving preview is a key feature for next releases. It significantly depends from interactions with hard drive and we are going to improve this part significantly. Perhaps no options to change preview quality will be added but program will allow to make full-screen preview with reasonable quality and speed

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Time-Lapse Tool Team

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TimeLapseTool posted this 26 March 2014

We significantly improved quality preview in version 2 or the application. Also full screen preview mode was added as well. However HDD and CPU speed limit preview quality still. FPS can be very low for images 10+ megapixels images for non-SSD drives and for slow CPUs

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