Long time lapse chronological order

hannah posted this 4 weeks ago

How can I create a long time lapse out of different folders for every day (around 600 pics each named like 2021/05/01/pic1.jpg pic2. pic3...) in chronological right order?


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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 3 weeks ago


You can use TIME SPLITTING checkbox to order files by snapshot time from image tags. Not sure I understand your question correctly though.

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hannah posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks for your answer, but it's still not working... we have a hard disc with 1200 folders, each folder contains about 300 pictures. the tool only takes 200 of them and also in the wrong order

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Time-Lapse Tool posted this 2 weeks ago

200 pictures out of 300? Or 200 sequences out of 1200 folders?

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hannah posted this 2 days ago

200 pictures

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