Exporting gaps appear

dan@rentalnetwork.ca posted this 23 September 2014

When exporting as a movie ( about 3000 jpeg) there are gaps. Depending on the form they are white or black. How do I remove them or Why do they appear? Will this not happen with the paid program ?

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adm posted this 23 September 2014

This could happen if you are trying to use big images as input (20+ MPx) and with low memory in the system. How much RAM does your system have? What is an exporting video format?

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dan@rentalnetwork.ca posted this 23 September 2014

4 GB and have exported in Windows Meadia and Quick Time

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TimeLapseTool posted this 27 September 2014

I was not able to reproduce the issue with project you sent to me. However black frames can appear if source photo is corrupted and cannot be loaded. I've updated code that stops exporting in case of such failures. Could you install updated version from http://timelapsetool.com/Download and check please?

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