Deflicker posted this 10 September 2018

Doing some first timelapse edits. I'm using gbtimelapse to capture, which does exposure ramping, changing stops as a function of outdoor lighting changes. This results in luminance steps that I do see when the deflicker button is checked. However I don't see much smoothing taking place when I replay the video as if not working for me. The example in your help looks much better.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Dave

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TimeLapseTool posted this 10 September 2018

Hi Dave.

Do you notice flickering in preview or in result video? As noted deflicker effect may not be applied to preview if frame data is not ready yet.

Also please note that deflicker corrects frames based on data from nearest frames so in complex cases it would not work well. E.g. when brightness is changing too often.

Anyway, could you provide a sample video, please?

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