Поменялся тип лицензирования?

djnek.i posted this 05 May 2019

I've been testing your software for a long time. Watched the prices. And now I understand that the purchase of a license only for a year. That is, at the end of the year all the functionality in the business version will not work-I understand correctly? Previously, there were other conditions of purchase - bought and use, updates for a year, a year has passed and you can continue to use, but without support, and now it is necessary to buy a license extension to use?

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TimeLapseTool posted this 05 May 2019

That is partially correct.

  • Current price changes affect only new licenses, previous purchases remain perpetual.
  • Perpetual licenses offered 1 month of support/upgrade before. Only extended licenses offered 12/24 months of support
  • Now we sell almost the same licenses as 1 year subscriptions but for reduced prices.
  • This is correct that subscriptions will stop to work after 1 year of use, you need to purchase new subscriptions explicitly to renew. There are no automatic renewals.
  • Subscriptions licenses offer free minor and major upgrades like extended licenses.

You could still purchase a perpetual license using Buy page. We just stopped to advertise this kind of purchases.

Hope this helps.

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djnek.i posted this 06 May 2019

What is clear. Thank you quite clearly described. Sadly, of course, the price of perpetual licenses has risen too much. I wanted a version with 4K for home video, and to buy for such prices is no longer acceptable. The old prices for perpetual licenses were less intimidating

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TimeLapseTool posted this 07 May 2019

Actually, prices of perpetual licenses were not changed. Perhaps you need switching to your language.

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